Press Release

KINDRED launches new podcast season, traces the human disconnect and inspires reconnection to animals and the natural world.

​​PRESS RELEASE · Philadelphia, PA, USA · March 15, 2022

Kindred, the second season, dives deep into the history of the human disconnect from the natural world, exploring how we can repair and restore the relationship with our fellow ecosystems, and implement change in order to heal the planet. Premiering today and hosted by Philadelphia natives and sisters, Kate Coffin and Jenn Asplundh, season two follows the sisters as they interview scientists, animal advocates, and conservationists, with the goal of inspiring a new awareness of how and why we must reconnect to animals and nature. Unexpected answers and thought-provoking conversations follow as they attempt to answer some of the biggest questions facing humans today. The first episode, featuring Shawn Heinrichs, is available now -  episodes will be released bi-monthly.

“Kindred” kicks off with Shawn Heinrichs, an ocean conservationist, photographer, and Emmy-award-winning cinematographer. His passion to protect the oceans, and the profound recognition that people only protect what they love, have led him to become a major force in the fight to protect endangered marine species and habitats. Coffin and Asplundh discuss with Heinrichs if our desire for ‘enoughness’ versus our ‘fear of scarcity’ is driving us to harm our surrounding ecosystems, leading us to disconnect rather than connect.

Kindred is relevant and critical right now because the more we understand and love the natural world, the better we can repair and restore it,” said host Kate Coffin. “Kindred's Season 2 is a deeper dive into connecting people to animals and nature through science and storytelling. And the people we speak with are deeply passionate about the work they do, and Kindred gives access to this depth of knowledge.

Season two asks Dr. Monique Udell - how humans can best support their domesticated cats and dogs (the answer is unexpected). In another episode, "Kindred" reviews Robin Kimmerer's 2015 book, 'Braiding Sweetgrass', asking the question - what is the importance of ‘reciprocity’ in conservation. Plus many other notable guests.

“Kindred” is hosted by Kate Coffin and Jenn Asplundh. It is produced by Kat Gatti and edited by Dan Cooper. Theme music by Ellie Grace. Artwork by Lindsay Coffin.

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