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Otis and Roo: Dog Collars

Kate Coffin is the founder and creative force behind Otis & Roo. Her love of animals and a desire to design beautiful and unique dog collars is why Otis & Roo exist today. Her passion for giving back to animals in need is the engine that drives her and creating connection, through dog collars, is what brings it all together. Click here for website.



Otis & Roo Dog Collars

KINDRED Season 2 Episode 8: From Time Beyond Memory | A Conversation with Willa Powless

klamath tribe crest logo

Klamath Tribes Official Website

The Guardian article featuring Willa

Robin Wall Kimmerer Official Author Website

KINDRED Season 2 Episode 7: Living In Reciprocity | In Review: Braiding Sweetgrass

Book cover of Braiding Sweetgrass


 Buy Sweetgrass on book or via Audible at Amazon

Robin Wall Kimmerer Official Author Website

KINDRED Season 2 Episode 6: Saving Baringo's Giraffes | A Conversation with Rebby Sebei

rebby sebei headshot portrait

Baringo Conservancies

Save Giraffes Now Logo

Save Giraffes Now

Northern Rangelands Trust

Kenya Wildlife Services

FGM World Health Organization Fact Sheet

KINDRED Season 2 Episode 5: The Power of Language

Justin Coffin headshot portrait

 Justin Coffin - LinkedIn

@El_Bunny_Book Instagram

Robin Wall Kimmerer Website

KINDRED Season 2 Episode 4: The Black Mambas & Bush Babies 

Jr Ranger Vongani Masingi The Black Mambas Headshot portrait

Jr Ranger Vongani Masingi - The Black Mambas Anti-Poaching Unit

Lewyn Maefala Bush Babies Founder headshot Portrait

Bush Babies Founder, Lewyn Maefala

Highlight: Save Giraffes Now

Save Giraffes Now Homepage


KINDRED Season 2 Episode 3: Dr. Monique Udell

dr monqiue udell headshot

Human-Animal Interaction Lab @ Oregon State University

Hannah Shaw @kittenxlady on Instagram

Barınak Meleği @barinak_melegi on Instagram

Kabul Small Animal Rescue @kabul_animal_rescue on Instagram

KINDRED Season 2 Episode 2: Dr. Kate Stafford

Dr. Kate Stafford Head Shot Photo

Four Paws Instagram

Article discussing Aspartic Acid Racemization

Tonal Singing with Lalah Hathaway

Inupiaq Nation

bowhead whale earwax

Bowhead Whale Ear Wax. Photo by Stephen Trumble.

The samples of Bowhead Whale songs heard in the episode were recorded by Dr. Kate Stafford.

Support Dr. Kate Stafford and the amazing research she is doing by donating here. Please leave a note in the payment section with Dr. Kate Stafford's name to make sure it goes directly to her research. Thank you.


KINDRED Season 2 Episode 1: Shawn Heinrichs

Shawn Heinrichs holds camera on boat in ocean


SAMETEAM pod youtube thumbnail
Highlight: SAMETEAM Pod


Misool Foundation Website Banner Image Donate
Mentioned in Take Aways:


KINDRED Season 1 Episode 9: Finale/ Ellie Grace/ Lindsay Coffin


Ellie Grace by Puki + Louie


Photo Credit puki + louie

Find Ellie Grace on her website.


@rangerellie instagram grid


Follow Ellie on Instagram @rangerellie

Lindsay Coffin


Lindsay Coffin Kindred Podcast Artist


Follow Lindsay on Instagram @coffinlindsay

KINDRED Season 1 Episode 8: Laughing Coyote

Laughing Coyote Project website

Find Laughing Coyote Project, click here.

Mentioned in Episode:


Jane Goodall Instagram


Find more info at the Jane Goodall Institute.


Roots and Shoots logo website


Roots & Shoots website, click here.


KINDRED Season 1 Episode 7: Sally/ Think Wild


Think Wild Website Logo


Think Wild


Sally Compton Think Wild Headshot


Sally Compton, Executive Director

Mentioned in this episode:

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust


Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Website banner


The Rhino Orphanage


the rhino orphanage


The Last Two Northern White Rhinos On Earth by Sam Anderson, NYT Magazine, 2021


The Last Two Northern White Rhinos On Earth by Sam Anderson, NYT Magazine, 2021


KINDRED Season 1 Episode 6: RDA - Claire & Emma

Riding for the Disabled Association UK website banner

Riding for the Disabled Association


thorncroft horses



hope springs organization instagram


Hope Springs Equestrian

KINDRED Season 1 Episode 5: Sterling 'TrapKing' Davis

TrapKing Sterling Davis headshot portrait

Find TrapKing on Instagram.


TrapKing Instagram


Mentioned In Episode:

Tito's Handmade Vodka


C.A.R.E. - 501c3 using evidence-based tools, stories & insights to inspire orgs & individuals to save lives by being inclusive

Smush - Instagram Rescue Cat Influencer

Dumb Friends League - The Dumb Friends League is the largest community-based animal welfare organization in the Rocky Mountain region.


KINDRED Season 1 Episode 4: Dr. Wallace J Nichols

Find Dr. Wallace J Nichols via his website here.

Dr. Wallace J Nichols Headshot

Purchase Blue Mind on Amazon.

Blue Mind book cover

Mentioned in episode:

Snoop Dogg's Corona Ad 'La Vida Más Fina'


Snoop Dogg's Corona Ad Ocean


Movie Trailer: My Octopus Teacher, 2020

Adelita video - A loggerhead turtle, named Adelita, was tracked 12,000 km over 368 between Baja California, Mexico and Sendai, Japan. via

KINDRED Season 1 Episode 3: Karin Vardaman

Karin Vardaman and her organization, Working CircleCheck them out here.


working circle website homepage


The Persuasive Power of the Wolf Lady by By  from The New Yorker July 9, 2019.


persuasive power of the wolf lady the new yorker


Photograph by Lucas Foglia for The New Yorker

Mentioned in episode:

Bud Williams Stockmanship website

Bud Williams Stockmanship and Livestock Marketing

Frosted Faces Mountain Instagram

Follow Frosted Faces Fountain on Instagram. 


KINDRED Season 1 Episode 2: Nadia Aly 

Follow Nadia on Instagram @NADIA.ALY.PHOTO

nadia aly headshot portrait

Mentioned in episode:

Sarah Lawson Wildlife Art and Pet Portraits. Click for website.


Sarah Lawson art instagram


Shawn Heinrichs and his organization, Only One. Check them out here.

Shawn Heinrichs only one

KINDRED Season 1 Episode 1: Charlotte Frearson

Charlotte Frearson instagram

Follow Indy and Charlotte on Instagram @archaeo_whippet

Find Charlotte at University College of London

Charlotte Frearson and Indy Headshot portrait

Charlotte and Indy via @archaeo_whippet